Sussex Stride. Saturday, September 24th, 2016

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Pre Start
The Start
Drove Avenue
Bo Peep
Windover Hill
East Dean

Pre Start

5617SS16_1_110_F50 5707SS16_1_130_F50 5749SS16_1_100_F50 5749SS16_1_105_F50 5933SS16_1_195_WP 0003SS16_1_160_WP 0154SS16_1_170_WP
0248SS16_1_180_WP 0302SS16_1_190_WP 0334SS16_1_200_WP 0359SS16_1_210_WP 0407SS16_1_220_WP 0433SS16_1_230_WP 0607SS16_1_250_F50
0732SS16_1_260_F50 0847SS16_1_270_F50 0922SS16_1_280_F50 1122SS16_1_290_F50 1320SS16_1_300_F50 1821SS16_1_310_F50 2411SS16_1_320_F50
2426SS16_1_330_F50 2836SS16_1_340_F50
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