Firle. Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

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A0511 A0512 Folly Striding_out Gently_down_hill_in_the_sun Nice_and_relaxed Keep_right
Look_the_water_is_not_that_deep Chestnuts_Alfriston Warming_sunshine Through_Alfriston_1 Through_Alfriston_2 Firm_under_foot_now Cheerful_bunch_really
David Hodge:- No rain today!!. 22 set off from Firle Beacon and quickly headed off the hill to get away from the very strong southerly wind. Mainly good walking but some sections had deep mud. After a lunch in Alfriston we headed towards Seaford, then swung round to head back towards Firle. The last hour was spent walking with the strong wind on our left which you had to lean into at times.
The photos from FOLLY onwards are from Anthony Lewis - thank you Anthony

Janette & John:- Our 2nd walk with the LDWA and another really enjoyable one, thank you.

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