Sussex Loops. Sunday, September 9th, 2018

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Louise:- Thanks for a brilliant day on the Sussex Loops yesterday. Great route, lovely scenery and we were very well looked after at the checkpoints. Struggling to move today though!

Steve:- I enjoyed the Sussex Loops. I hope that you repeat it as I liked the idea of a hot cup of tea every 10/11 miles and a place to leave any extra tops if likely to be needed on the last loop, although this was not required yesterday.

Sharon:- My first challenge event! The loops are a great idea for someone like me as I was very doubtful about doing all three loops - I managed 2. And I haven’t been put off.
I’ll be back next year to do all 3. Thanks so much to the organisers , the cheerful marshals and the lovely ladies who looked after us back at the village hall. Oh and the walkers who showed me the ropes and got me back to the hall.

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