SOUTH DOWNS MARATHON. Sunday, May 14th, 2017

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Zoltan:- Another fantastic South Downs Marathon. How could I miss the previous 4 years... Beautiful route, perfect weather, the friendliest bunch of volunteers putting on a quality event. Thank you again!

Robert Hickman:- Please give my thanks to all those involved in today's South Downs Marathon. The weather, the new route and most of all the organisation were all sublime. You should all be very proud to have put on such a great event; and you should know that all your efforts a hugely appreciated. Best wishes and see you next year if not before.

Pamela:- I'd like to second Raymond Hickmans thanks and also extend my sincere thanks to everyone involved, without whom those events would not take place. Many thanks for making it possible.

Geoff Depper:- Great event. Well done Chris and team. Sussex always were good at these things and the tradition is in good hands! Good to see old Sussex friends.

Helen Abbott:- Some pictures (marked ha). Great event by the way and a friendly welcome on arrival and throughout.

Brian Coates:- Many thanks for a superb event.
All the team carry out their duties so efficently with a genuine cheerful disposition. Will watch closely for the entry date for next years event so not to miss out on more expected fun.

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