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584201 Walking towards Hartfield 584402 Walking towards Hartfield 584603 Walking towards Hartfield 584904 Walking towards Hartfield 585305 Walking towards Hartfield 250506 Breakfast stop in Hartfield 250807 Breakfast stopt in Hartfield
251408 Breakfast stop in Hartfield 251709 Breakfast stop in Hartfield 024710 The Rectory in Withyham 201812 A stile for giants 203211 On the way back near Jarvis Brook 203712A On the way back 203813 On the way back
204413A On the way back 371414 View over the Ashdown Forest 031015 Back at the car park 031716 Reward - the icecream van is still there
Manfred Engler:- It was a nice and bright morning when 11 of us were leaving from King's Standing CP. The 21 miles long circular walk took us first to Hartfield, where we stopped for breakfast. We then made our way towards Boarshead via Withyham. After lunch we passed through Rotherfield and Jarvis Brook before we reached Poundgate, from there it was only 2 miles back to the car park where the icecream van was still waiting for us!

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