Sussex Stride Main Event. Saturday, September 21st, 2013

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1_005D This way to the Sussex Stride 1_040D Booking in 1_060W Tea and biscuits 1_100W Discussing the route 2_010D On drove avenue 2_170D On drove avenue 2_310D Martin Greaves still running
3_150D Blackcap 3_370D Its that man again 4_040W CP1 Offham 4_400D Dancing 4_520D CP1 Offham 5_060D Above Lewes 6_070W CP2 Glynde
6_090D CP2 Glynde 6_100D CP2 Glynde 6_110D CP2 Glynde 6_140D CP2 Glynde 7_010W Bo peep 7_090D Still smiling - if only he new 7_320D The Mist Begins
8_005D Windover hill 8_050D Windover hill 8_090D Windover hill 8_190D Windover hill 8_200D Windover hill 9_030W CP4 East Dean - Kentish art 9_090W CP4 East Dean
9_150W CP4 East Dean 0_010W Mission accomplished 0_020W The ladies of the kitchen do their thing 0_037W The End
Shirley:- The runner in photo 5 is Dave Cummins, who set a new course record of 10h 1m. Scott Gair and Victor Todorov are the two runners in photo 8. Helen Smith and Joan Wortley are serving tea in 3.

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