SOUTH DOWNS MARATHON . Sunday, April 27th, 2014

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David H:- 70 started on a mixed weather day which turned out to be better than expected. All the entrants seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks to all the helpers at East Dean and all those out in the country. After a hiccup the final results are now available on the events page.

Geoff Depper:- Hi Chris thanks for the great walk yesterday to all the organisers and helpers. I took a few pictures you may like to look at (share if you like).Link to Pictures

Adam Parsons:- Let me say how much I enjoyed the marathon on Sunday, although a difficult route it was a great atmosphere and a very good day.

Jackie Barker:- I took part in the SD marathon again and what a lovely day it was. My running buddy today said he always chooses this event, because he loves the fact tea is served in proper cups, food is on china plates and proper cutlery. He did also mention the organisers were pretty ok as well - always smiley, which I will 100% agree with. click for Sheep story(pdf).

Paul Gaston:- Thanks to everyone involved in the Southdowns marathon Organisation, great day out & well fed afterwards !!!
Paul Gaston, June Avery, Brian Kirkdale

Mike Connaghton - last man in:- I was very pleased to finish the walk and by the end my blisters were really sore. I started the day very tired after a hard 5 day's walking in the Lake District over Easter I hadn't realised quite how tired I actually was. I was not too sure if I could make CP 3 by 17:00 as the blisters were already beginning after CP 2 but I managed it by 8 minutes and was then determined to finish even if it was after 19:00. I may not have finished officially but in my own mind I am happy with the outcome.

When the sun came out towards late afternoon the views were beautiful, in particular the view of Alfriston in the valley and the hills beyond bathed in sunlight highlighting a wonderful mixture of greens and yellows.
I maybe back next year depending how close Easter and the SDM are.

John Sinclair:- A big thank you to the organisers and all the helpers for making it a wonderful event. I hope to be back next year!

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