MID SUSSEX OUSE CRUISE. Sunday, March 9th, 2014

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1Got_my_boots_dirty_again 2Dry_underfoot_now 4Classy_window 6Firm_under_foot 9Single_file 5Windsurfer_Ardingly_Reservoir 9The_viaduct_is_that_way_Bruce.
5Ardingly_Viaduct_2 8Detail_on_the_Viaduct 8Long_shadows 0Group_photo 1Photo_opportunity_1 2Photo_opportunity_2 3Photo_opportunity_3
6Ardingly_Viaduct_3 7Ardingly_Viaduct_1 8Couch_Potatoes 8If_I_could_just_get_this_in_gear.
David H:- The photos are from Anthony Lewis - thank you Anthony

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